Tish Ciravolo

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7/28/15 3:15PM
Go check out DRG artist Carla Betz and her awesome band The Trainwrecks tonight at Molly Malone's in LA!!!
7/28/15 5:36AM
We get SO many gear questions here. We can't answer all of them, yes, that many. So many of the questions are about starter rigs and the best gear for the least amount of $, we have all been there. I can't recommend this one enough. J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr is a Gear God. He could not afford an electric guitar growing up, as he mowed lawns, and shoveled snow, he added pedal after pedal. He learned to do with pedals what most people need half a dozen instruments. Fender Guitar's worked with him to design his ideal starter guitar, this is it. I would recomend this before a tele or a strat even. If you are buying instruments to donate to a girls rock camp, this is perhaps one of the most versatile, I would recommend this unless they are super young, then go with a Daisy Rock Guitars XO GM #protip
7/26/15 11:07PM
Today I reached my #100 Days of #Happiness doing what I love!, singing with a community of very talented musicians! Every day there's a reason to be happy if you choose to do so! #music #love Daisy Rock Guitars . Live at Holiday Inn Burbank Media Center Special thanks to Kristine Mirelle Music for inviting me!

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07/06/2002 Tish Ciravolo of Daisy Rock Guitars on interviewed completely in Japanese!
07/02/2002 Leah Lail from VIP generously signed a Daisy Rock Electric guitar to be donated to Breast Cancer research.
07/02/2002 Daisy Rock Teams with Pantene's Pro-Voice for Annual Events
07/01/2002 Daisy Daisy ~ as seen in Guitar Buyer Magazine
06/30/2002 Tish Ciravolo interviewed live by Steve Thomson at WCCO RADIO in the Twin Cities, MN on Sunday, June 30 Live at 5 - Fun!
06/25/2002 Daisy Rock founder, Tish Ciravolo, did a live phone interview with LUKA in LUKAWORLD - WKRQ, CINCINNATI, OHIO. They also did a Daisy Rock giveaway!
06/24/2002 Harmony Central New Product Report ~ New PowerPuff Girls Guitars from Daisy Rock
06/22/2002 Daisy Rock Guitars is proud to donate a Daisy Rock Electric Dreamy Daisy for Scarletfest in Baltimore, Palomar and The Other Place - featuring The Dirty Mothers. Call 410-485-5025 for more info.
06/17/2002 People Magazine's entrepreneur: ~ Kid Rock: Tish Ciravolob gives girls their own axes to grind with her Daisy Rock guitars
06/16/2002 Daisy Rock NAMM booth 1425: Featuring Rock N Roll Barbies!
06/15/2002 Daisy Rock Guitars is proud to donate a Daisy Rock guitar to Fangry Girl Productions for the Vaginoise 3 at L'Amour Rock Club in Brooklyn, NY featuring Harlow.
06/13/2002 Rockline and Daisy Rock Radio Spots
06/11/2002 The guitar sheds its macho image as women pick it up! ~ Omaha World-Herald
06/07/2002 SPRING MUSIC FAIR 2002, HOLLYWOOD HIGH, 1PM-8PM. Daisy Rock Guitars is proud to help support Hollywood High's Music Department. Come out and show your support!
06/07/2002 Daisy Rock Guitars as seen at the Big Scoop ~ kids\' trends: what\'s in, what\'s hot, what\'s not
06/02/2002 Daisy Rock Endorsee "Bombshelter" plays BlackHeart Artist Guitar at the Rock-N-Roll Marathon on June 2nd in San Diego
06/01/2002 Daisy Rock Girl Guitars is official guitar sponsor for STEVE MADDEN ROCK N SOLE II tour.
05/31/2002 Music Connection Magazine Sponsors USA Songwriting Competition.
05/24/2002 Rock You Like a Sugarcane ~ as seen in Street Miami, Summer Guide 2002
05/21/2002 Daisy Rock Guitars donates 2 Daisy Rock Electric guitars; artists Dale Bozzio and Martha Davis autograph them for auction to benefit the Phoenix Children's Hospital. Rock on!
05/14/2002 Daisy Rock as featured on the NBC Today Show's ~ Girl Guitars
05/14/2002 Daisy Rock as featured on the NBC's Today Show ~ check out this cool video clip!
05/10/2002 Daisy Rock Guitars is proud to donate 3 Daisy Rock Guitars to The Ninth Annual RACE to Erase MS
05/07/2002 Daisy Rock Guitars presents showcase in Boston!
05/04/2002 Daisy Rock sponsors Hollywood's "Club Makeup" with Guitar Giveaway Contest!
05/02/2002 New Daisy Rock Endorsee "Bombshelter" playing Springfest in Florida on May 18th and Eat'm in Las Vegas on May 30th with Heartbreaker BlackHeart Artist Guitar.
04/14/2002 More Young Women Buying Guitars ~ ABC News
02/03/2002 Pickin' Daisies ~ as seen in Newsweek Magazine
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