Tish Ciravolo

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7/28/15 3:15PM
Go check out DRG artist Carla Betz and her awesome band The Trainwrecks tonight at Molly Malone's in LA!!!
7/28/15 5:36AM
We get SO many gear questions here. We can't answer all of them, yes, that many. So many of the questions are about starter rigs and the best gear for the least amount of $, we have all been there. I can't recommend this one enough. J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr is a Gear God. He could not afford an electric guitar growing up, as he mowed lawns, and shoveled snow, he added pedal after pedal. He learned to do with pedals what most people need half a dozen instruments. Fender Guitar's worked with him to design his ideal starter guitar, this is it. I would recomend this before a tele or a strat even. If you are buying instruments to donate to a girls rock camp, this is perhaps one of the most versatile, I would recommend this unless they are super young, then go with a Daisy Rock Guitars XO GM #protip
7/26/15 11:07PM
Today I reached my #100 Days of #Happiness doing what I love!, singing with a community of very talented musicians! Every day there's a reason to be happy if you choose to do so! #music #love Daisy Rock Guitars . Live at Holiday Inn Burbank Media Center Special thanks to Kristine Mirelle Music for inviting me!

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07/28/2006 Don't miss "Girl's Night Out" at The Key Club's Plush Lounge (Saturday 7/29/06)
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07/21/2006 Daisy Rock sponsors the Southern Girls Rock & Roll Camp in Tennessee
07/20/2006 Daisy Rock announces winner of recent MySpace contest.
07/20/2006 Daisy Rock sponsors Rocker Girl Calgary
07/20/2006 Congratulations to Tricia Andrews or Raleigh, NC. She's the winner of the Daisy Rock MySpace guitar contest!
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07/15/2006 Are You The Next Daisy Rock Artist? contest featured in L.A. Alternative
07/15/2006 Daisy Rock gets a great write-up in last month's issue of Music Trade News magazine (U.K.)
07/14/2006 Daisy Rock sponsors the NorthShore CrueFest 6th Annual Benefit Concert in Cleveland, OH on August 11th & 12th
07/14/2006 Daisy Rock sponsors CrueFest Nova Scotia on 9/30/06 and CrueFest Orlando on 3/10/07
07/13/2006 Daisy Rock sponsors the First Annual Pink Tee and Bow Tie Breast Cancer Awareness Benefit
07/13/2006 Daisy Rock sponsors the HollyRod Foundation's DesignCure 2006 Event
07/12/2006 Daisy Rock sponsors the Girl Scouts of the San Fernando Valley Fundraiser 2006
07/12/2006 Daisy Rock sponsors The Rockin for Rise Benefit and 2nd Annual Battle of the Bands in Houston, TX
07/11/2006 Daisy Rock's Retro-H Bass reviewed in the July issue of Bass Guitar magazine
07/11/2006 Enter to win a Daisy Rock Prize Package from! ~ Click the link on the right to enter...
07/11/2006 Daisy Rock's "Are You The Next Daisy Rock Artist?" contest announced at!
07/10/2006 interviews Daisy Rock President & Founder Tish Ciravolo ~ Tish talks about Daisy Rock & our New Artist contest
07/10/2006 See live footage of The Holograms at The Key Club at
07/09/2006 Daisy Rock sponsors's Unsigned Band Contest 2006
07/07/2006 Daisy Rock gets 3 guitars in's "Top 10 Guitars for Girls" list!
07/07/2006 Daisy Rock's Heartbreaker Guitar and Rock Candy Bass featured in today's issue of The Examiner (Baltimore)
07/06/2006 Daisy Rock Heads To Austin For Summer NAMM! ~ Stop By And Visit Us At Booth #1128
07/04/2006 Daisy Rock Guitars featured on today's episode of the DIY Network's "Knitty Gritty" ~ Knitster Girl Shar Ross shows viewers how to knit a guitar strap for a Pink Daisy guitar...
06/30/2006 Daisy Rock featured in L&A Imports ad running in this month's Music Trade News magazine (U.K.)
06/30/2006 Daisy Rock artists The Pixie Chicks join Daisy Rock Guitars and Disney Girl magazine (Australia) for a recording session and guitar giveaway
06/27/2006 TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT - See The Holograms at The Key Club & Win a ROCK CANDY GUITAR!!! ~ Just bring a photo ID. Here are some pics from last week...
06/27/2006 Daisy Rock artists 7k last week at The Key Club ~ Here are some pictures from the show...
06/26/2006 July 1st - Show #2 of the URB ALT FESTIVAL in NYC at the Faison Firehouse Theater ~ Enter to win a Violet Burst Stardust Elite Guitar!
06/26/2006 Daisy Rock thanks everyone who participated in Music is Art 2006! Here are some great pictures of Lisa Loeb and some of the kids who attended the event...
06/26/2006 Girls Rock & Girls Rule Tour begins on July 15th in Allentown, PA ~ Stop by and sign up to win a Daisy Rock Guitar!
06/26/2006 Daisy Rock featured at this year's Tokyo Guitar Show (June 24th & 25th)! ~ Here are some pictures from the show...
06/26/2006 July 1st - Show #2 of the URB ALT FESTIVAL in NYC at the Faison Firehouse Theater ~ Enter to win a Violet Burst Stardust Elite Guitar!
06/23/2006 Daisy Rock artists The Holograms have signed a two-album deal with Outkast DJ/Producer Mr. DJ!
06/23/2006 Daisy Rock artists Superchick's new video for "We Live" available for download at and Yahoo Premieres!
06/21/2006 Enter Vanity Shops' "Start Your Summer Right" Sweepstakes and win a Daisy Rock Guitar, an iPOD, and a chance to be a roadie!
06/21/2006 Daisy Rock artists The Holograms featured in's interview of Carrie Istad & Joseph Brooks from The Key Club!
06/20/2006 Night #3 of The Holograms' residency at The Key Club in West Hollywood - stop by and see Daisy Rock artists The Holograms and 7k for FREE!!! ~ Enter to win great prizes from Daisy Rock & Pullip Dolls, including the Daisy Rock Guitar we\'re raffling off next week! Here are some pics from last week\'s show...
06/19/2006 Daisy Rock sponsors the Fifth Annual WriteGirl Gala (6/24/06)
06/15/2006 Daisy Rock sponsors the Silverlake Conservatory of Music's 2nd Annual "Hullabaloo" (6/21/06)
06/13/2006 See Daisy Rock artists The Holograms for FREE tonight at The Key Club in West Hollywood!!! ~ Stop by and enter to win some great prizes! Here are pictures from last week\'s show...
06/09/2006 Daisy Rock sponsors the Gylbert Musaraj Concert and Fundraiser this Sunday in Clinton Township, MI
06/08/2006 Daisy Rock sponsors the Girls Rock and Girls Rule Tour!
06/07/2006 Tish Ciravolo interviewed by Raven Entertainment Promotions!
06/07/2006 Daisy Rock sponsors the New York City URB ALT FESTIVAL!
06/06/2006 Daisy Rock's Butterfly Guitar featured in the current issue of Us Weekly magazine!
06/06/2006 Enter to win the <i>Girl's Guitar Method</i> or a Daisy Rock Heartbreaker Purse at from Raven Entertainment Promotions!
06/05/2006 Daisy Rock featured in Constance Dillon's recent article about Girl Guitars
06/05/2006 Tomorrow Night (6/6/06) - See The Holograms for FREE during their month-long residency at The Key Club and enter to win a Daisy Rock Guitar!!
05/31/2006 Check Out Daisy Rock on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360!
05/30/2006 Daisy Rock Dealer Music Ensemble Pte Ltd hosts their May Concert in Singapore!
05/28/2006 New Daisy Rock Ad to run in the July Issue of Alternative Press!
05/26/2006 Set your VCRs! Daisy Rock is scheduled to appear on CNN's hit show "Anderson Cooper 360" this Wednesday, May 31st!!! ~ Take a look at these great pictures from the CNN shoot...
05/25/2006 Daisy Rock artists The Holograms featured in the current issue of Billboard Magazine ~ Their song "Are You Ready For It" is listed as "The Coolest Song in the World This Week" in Little Steven\'s Underground Garage Rock column...
05/24/2006 Kelly Buchanan and Feature Presentation announced as new Daisy Rock artists on the Modern Guitars web site!
05/24/2006 Daisy Rock's President and Founder Tish Ciravolo featured in the current issue of Elle Magazine Italy ~ This is a great way to practice reading Italian!
05/23/2006 Two weeks from today - The Holograms begin their month-long residency at The Key Club in West Hollywood!!
05/23/2006 Daisy Rock and Alfred Publishing sponsor The Da Vinci Contest - test your code breaking skills and win some great prizes!
05/18/2006 Pretty in Stereo and The Pristines announced as new Daisy Rock artists on the Modern Guitars web site!
05/18/2006 Singer/Guitarist Nikki O’Neill Endorses Daisy Rock Guitars
05/18/2006 Melissa Brock of Superchick Endorses Daisy Rock Guitars
05/18/2006 Daisy Rock President & Founder Tish Ciravolo interviewed by
05/17/2006 Daisy Rock sponsors Habilitat Inc.'s 6th Annual Luau & Auction in Hawaii (5/27/06)
05/17/2006 Ivan Dunki and Matt Monferdini of Feature Presentation Endorse Daisy Rock Guitars
05/17/2006 Singer/Guitarist Kelly Buchanan Endorses Daisy Rock Guitars
05/16/2006 Enter to win a Daisy Rock Sky Blue Pixie Acoustic Guitar and a copy of Jewel's latest CD!
05/16/2006 Christine Fullwood and Cassandra Clawson of Pretty in Stereo Endorse Daisy Rock Guitars
05/16/2006 Daisy of The Pristines Endorses Daisy Rock Guitars
05/15/2006 Catch Lisa Loeb this Wednesday, May 17th on The Scott & Erica Morning Show (Orlando's Mix 105.1)
05/15/2006 Daisy Rock Guitars sponsors the Launch/Kick-Off Party (5/18/06)
05/15/2006 The Mydols and Detroit Mamapalooza reviewed by Wayne Peal
05/14/2006 Daisy Rock sponsors The Area Code Zine's Launch Party and Show in Madison, WI
05/12/2006 Daisy Rock artists The Holograms playing Little Steven's Underground Garage "Bikini Beach Party A Go-Go" in Florida this Memorial Day Weekend (5/28/06 & 5/29/06)!
05/11/2006 Daisy Rock sponsors the East Anaheim Bobby Sox
05/09/2006 Daisy Rock's Wildwood Acoustic and Wildwood Acoustic Electric Guitars featured in the June issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine
05/08/2006 Daisy Rock featured on!
05/08/2006 Daisy Rock artists Anti-Hero on tour in the U.S.
05/06/2006 Daisy Rock featured in the June issue of Guitar World magazine
05/06/2006 Daisy Rock's Tom Boy featured in this month's Guitar Player's "20 Budget Solidbodies" write-up
05/05/2006 Daisy Rock sponsors The San Fernando Valley Mothers of Multiples Club's Mother's Day Brunch (5/14/06)
05/05/2006 Daisy Rock sponsors the Paul Revere Middle School Music Fest 2006 (5/13/06)
05/05/2006 Daisy Rock featured in the Summer 2006 issue of PlayGuitar! magazine
05/04/2006 Daisy Rock artist Dawn Cook from Manifest Frequency appearing at The Music Room this Saturday in Rome, GA (5/6/06)
05/04/2006 Daisy Rock and High Strung Guitars sponsors the Carolina Roller Derby Queens (5/14/06)
05/03/2006 Daisy Rock - as seen in In Tune Monthly magazine!
05/03/2006 Daisy Rock's Violet Burst Stardust Elite Guitar currently featured in a Guess ad campaign!
05/02/2006 Daisy Rock artist Bridget Mermikides hosts the "Girls Allowed! Level 1/2" Weekend Guitar Workshop (6/3/06-6/4/06)
05/02/2006 Daisy Rock artist Monét scheduled to perform this weekend at Santa Monica Pier (5/6/06)
04/30/2006 Daisy Rock's Rock Candy Special and Rock Candy Custom Special Guitars featured in the April issue of MMR
04/27/2006 Daisy Rock donates a White Lightning Tom Boy Guitar for the National Kidney Foundation's 27th Annual Medical Advisory Board Gift of Life Tribute Celebration Dinner (5/7/06)