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7/27/14 7:11PM
Big Shout Out to Daisy Rock Guitars for endorsing sisters Jewel & Lula Steele for the past 6 years... YOU ROCK <3 <3 <3 Jewel Steele >>> (Link) Lula Steele >>> (Link)
7/25/14 9:54PM
DRG Artists/Sisters Jewel & Lula Steele of the family rock band STEREO LOVE will be rockin' in Santa Barbara on Friday, August 1st along with DRG Artists Almost Anywhere and Sabrina Lentini <3 <3 <3 (Link)
7/25/14 3:00PM
GIGANTIC NEWS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are SO happy to finally announce this!!!!! Daisy Rock Girl Guitars and The Sledge Grits Band to Sign Historic Artist Agreement The Sledge Grits Band Los Angeles, CA—July 24, 2014 In an unprecedented company move, Daisy Rock Girl Guitars announces The Sledge Grits Band as the very first musicians to receive exclusive artist endorsements in the history of the company. Daisy Rock Girl Guitars is perhaps best known for empowering girl guitarists with the confidence to create music by being the first and only guitar company that produces instruments made just for girls. In addition to signing an exclusive artist endorsement agreement, Daisy Rock Girl Guitars will be producing custom-made instruments for band mates and sisters, including a guitar for Keiko and bass guitar for Ella. The game-changing decision to exclusively endorse The Sledge Grits Band was made to continue supporting female musicians and to further the Daisy Rock Girl Guitars creed to inspire other girls to play guitar and enjoy music. The Sledge Grits Band is an LA-based pop-rock group made up of four sisters: Keiko (guitarist/songwriter) 19, Ella (bassist) 17, Mimi (lead vocals) 14, and bo-Pah (drummer) 12. Their chosen name, The Sledge Grits Band, was crafted by combining their last name, Sledge, with the acronym for "Girls Raised In The Sun" to honor their Florida and California upbringing. With an eclectic heritage of Creole, Japanese, French, German, Irish, Native American, and African American and musical influences ranging from Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Paramore and Jimi Hendrix, the Sledge Grits Band celebrates and defines themselves through diversity. “Never before have we exclusively endorsed an artist and outfitted them with custom guitars and basses. But because of Keiko and Ella’s exceptional talent, we couldn’t pass on this opportunity to move into the next phase,” said Tish Ciravolo, President and Founder of Daisy Rock Girl Guitars. “We have been a part of The Sledge Grits Band since the beginning and have watched them become the amazing musicians that they are today. We have and continue to believe that this all girl band is the next generation of female powered bands that will change the world! We are so unbelievably excited for this new chapter at Daisy Rock Girl Guitars!” Daisy Rock Girl Guitars will host an exclusive celebration on August 4, 2014 at 1 p.m. to commemorate the signing of this historic document. Media interested in receiving additional information on The Sledge Grits Band or interested in attending this signing event are encouraged to contact

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1-877-MY DAISY (877-693-2479)

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10/18/2006 Daisy Rock sponsors Samuel Music's 60th Anniversary (10/28/06)
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