12/13/17 7:28AM
She is going to be inducted!!!!! The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is inducting the most amazing female guitar players ever!!! Woohoo!!!! (Link)
12/9/17 5:15PM
12/9/17 4:35PM
Let me save you some time and help you with your Christmas shopping - you have a girl in your life? She needs a Daisy Rock guitar... it will change her life to learn how to play a guitar and then, guess what? We will ALL feel the love.... go here - and tell 'em Mrs. Clause sent you!

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01/25/2011 Stacy Clark and Vanguard Records are proud to support To Write Love on Her Arms ~ For every free download made from this page, of Stacy Clark’s new single “Not Enough,” Vanguard Records will donate $1
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