12/13/17 7:28AM
She is going to be inducted!!!!! The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is inducting the most amazing female guitar players ever!!! Woohoo!!!! (Link)
12/9/17 5:15PM
12/9/17 4:35PM
Let me save you some time and help you with your Christmas shopping - you have a girl in your life? She needs a Daisy Rock guitar... it will change her life to learn how to play a guitar and then, guess what? We will ALL feel the love.... go here - and tell 'em Mrs. Clause sent you!

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10/27/2006 Daisy Rock’s Original Prototype of the “Daisy” Guitar Has Been Inducted Into The Museum Of Making Music
10/25/2006 Rock The Classroom adds items from Daisy Rock's Recent Museum Induction to their On-Line Auction
10/24/2006 Live in Southern California? Be sure to catch the Cheetah Girls at Arrowhead Pond!
10/18/2006 Tish Ciravolo, her daughters Sophia & Nicole, and Daisy Rock artist Nikki O'Neill at Good Morning San Diego
10/18/2006 Check out this great new picture of Daisy Rock artist Monet!
10/17/2006 Thanks to all who attended Daisy Rock's Induction into the Museum of Making Music
10/17/2006 Daisy Rock artists 7k featured at
10/17/2006 Check out Phil from The Allusions ~ and his Daisy Rock Monarch Butterfly Guitar
10/17/2006 Artist Sherri Mullen shows off her new Daisy Rock Retro-H 12-String Guitar
10/16/2006 Daisy Rock's Tish Ciravolo and her daughters Nicole & Sophia featured on "Good Morning San Diego"
10/16/2006 Daisy Rock Artist Nikki O'Neill performs live on "Good Morning San Diego"
10/15/2006 Daisy Rock artist Lisa Loeb announces Daisy Rock's induction into the Museum of Making Music at!
10/14/2006 This Sunday is Daisy Rock's Induction Ceremony at the Museum of Making Music! ~ Tickets are nearly sold out...
10/14/2006 Daisy Rock's induction into the Museum of Making Music featured at!
10/12/2006 Wanda Jackson featured in the San Diego Union Tribune ~ Don\'t miss her at the Museum of Making Music this Sunday!
10/12/2006 Daisy Rock's induction into the Museum of Making Music featured at San Diego City Beat!
10/09/2006 Daisy Rock Artist Dawn Cook (Manifest Frequency) performing this Wednesday at Eddie’s Attic
10/06/2006 Daisy Rock featured in's Late Fall 2006 Catalog!
10/06/2006 News 4395 ~ Colorado All-Girl Rock Band Riveter Slinging Their Daisy Rocks at GoGirlsMusicFest (11/11/06)
10/05/2006 Check out these pictures from the KTLA 5 Morning Show appearance!
10/04/2006 Watch video of Tish & some of our great Daisy Rock Artists on KTLA 5 Morning News with Michaela Pereira!
10/03/2006 Do you live in Southern CA? If so, Check Out KTLA TV Tomorrow Morning (10/4 at ~9:15am) and see Tish Ciravolo and Crew on Live TV!
10/02/2006 Daisy Rock Artist Louise Post on tour with Veruca Salt!
10/01/2006 Daisy Rock artist Lindsay Rush playing at New Hope-Solebury High School (10/19/06)
10/01/2006 Daisy Rock Featured in the Museum of Making Music's Fall/Winter 2006 Newsletter
09/27/2006 Check out these great pics of Daisy Rock Artist Clare from Anti-Product on tour this summer!
09/26/2006 Daisy Rock artists the Pixie Chicks to release their debut album "Ice Cream" & launch Australian Tour (11/5/06)
09/22/2006 Daisy Rock’s First Guitar to Be Inducted into The Museum Of Making Music (10/15/06)
09/21/2006 Veruca Salt's latest record reviewed by SPIN!
09/21/2006 Daisy Rock artists Pucker featured in SPIN magazine!
09/19/2006 Stop by Daisy Rock's MySpace page to see more pictures from the Pretty 'N Punk Showcase!
09/18/2006 Thanks for coming out to Daisy Rock's Pretty 'N Punk Showcase! ~ Here are some pictures from the show...
09/11/2006 Tomorrow's the night - Daisy Rock's Pretty 'N Punk Showcase!!!
09/10/2006 Daisy Rock sponsors the 5th annual “Rock Solid Pressure Showcase”
09/06/2006 Daisy Rock artists The Mydols scheduled for two benefit shows this October
08/30/2006 Behind-the-scenes pics of Miley Cyrus at her TEEN magazine photo shoot ~ Pick up TEEN\'s Back to School issue & enter to win the guitar she\'s holding!
08/21/2006 Daisy Rock artist Miley Cyrus featured in Teen Magazine's Fall Issue ~ Get a copy & enter to win a Violet Burst Stardust Elite Guitar
08/17/2006 Daisy Rock artist Amy Schugar interviewed in the September issue of Guitar Player
08/09/2006 Daisy Rock artists The Pixie Chicks perform at the Burswood Dome in Perth, Australia
08/03/2006 Daisy Rock sponsors Goalbuster in North & South Carolina
08/01/2006 Tune in to "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" this Saturday and catch Daisy Rock artist Monét (8/5/06)
07/28/2006 Don't miss "Girl's Night Out" at The Key Club's Plush Lounge (Saturday 7/29/06)
07/27/2006 Daisy Rock artists featured on new compilation CD presented by ChicBuds and Daisy Rock guitars
07/11/2006 Daisy Rock's "Are You The Next Daisy Rock Artist?" contest announced at!
07/10/2006 interviews Daisy Rock President & Founder Tish Ciravolo ~ Tish talks about Daisy Rock & our New Artist contest
07/10/2006 See live footage of The Holograms at The Key Club at
06/30/2006 Daisy Rock artists The Pixie Chicks join Daisy Rock Guitars and Disney Girl magazine (Australia) for a recording session and guitar giveaway
06/27/2006 TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT - See The Holograms at The Key Club & Win a ROCK CANDY GUITAR!!! ~ Just bring a photo ID. Here are some pics from last week...
06/27/2006 Daisy Rock artists 7k last week at The Key Club ~ Here are some pictures from the show...
06/26/2006 July 1st - Show #2 of the URB ALT FESTIVAL in NYC at the Faison Firehouse Theater ~ Enter to win a Violet Burst Stardust Elite Guitar!
06/26/2006 Daisy Rock thanks everyone who participated in Music is Art 2006! Here are some great pictures of Lisa Loeb and some of the kids who attended the event...
06/26/2006 Girls Rock & Girls Rule Tour begins on July 15th in Allentown, PA ~ Stop by and sign up to win a Daisy Rock Guitar!
06/23/2006 Daisy Rock artists The Holograms have signed a two-album deal with Outkast DJ/Producer Mr. DJ!
06/23/2006 Daisy Rock artists Superchick's new video for "We Live" available for download at and Yahoo Premieres!
06/21/2006 Daisy Rock artists The Holograms featured in's interview of Carrie Istad & Joseph Brooks from The Key Club!
06/20/2006 Night #3 of The Holograms' residency at The Key Club in West Hollywood - stop by and see Daisy Rock artists The Holograms and 7k for FREE!!! ~ Enter to win great prizes from Daisy Rock & Pullip Dolls, including the Daisy Rock Guitar we\'re raffling off next week! Here are some pics from last week\'s show...
06/13/2006 See Daisy Rock artists The Holograms for FREE tonight at The Key Club in West Hollywood!!! ~ Stop by and enter to win some great prizes! Here are pictures from last week\'s show...
06/05/2006 Daisy Rock featured in Constance Dillon's recent article about Girl Guitars
06/05/2006 Tomorrow Night (6/6/06) - See The Holograms for FREE during their month-long residency at The Key Club and enter to win a Daisy Rock Guitar!!
05/25/2006 Daisy Rock artists The Holograms featured in the current issue of Billboard Magazine ~ Their song "Are You Ready For It" is listed as "The Coolest Song in the World This Week" in Little Steven\'s Underground Garage Rock column...
05/24/2006 Kelly Buchanan and Feature Presentation announced as new Daisy Rock artists on the Modern Guitars web site!
05/23/2006 Two weeks from today - The Holograms begin their month-long residency at The Key Club in West Hollywood!!
05/18/2006 Pretty in Stereo and The Pristines announced as new Daisy Rock artists on the Modern Guitars web site!
05/18/2006 Singer/Guitarist Nikki O’Neill Endorses Daisy Rock Guitars
05/18/2006 Melissa Brock of Superchick Endorses Daisy Rock Guitars
05/17/2006 Ivan Dunki and Matt Monferdini of Feature Presentation Endorse Daisy Rock Guitars
05/17/2006 Singer/Guitarist Kelly Buchanan Endorses Daisy Rock Guitars
05/16/2006 Christine Fullwood and Cassandra Clawson of Pretty in Stereo Endorse Daisy Rock Guitars
05/16/2006 Daisy of The Pristines Endorses Daisy Rock Guitars
05/15/2006 Catch Lisa Loeb this Wednesday, May 17th on The Scott & Erica Morning Show (Orlando's Mix 105.1)
05/15/2006 The Mydols and Detroit Mamapalooza reviewed by Wayne Peal
05/12/2006 Daisy Rock artists The Holograms playing Little Steven's Underground Garage "Bikini Beach Party A Go-Go" in Florida this Memorial Day Weekend (5/28/06 & 5/29/06)!
05/08/2006 Daisy Rock artists Anti-Hero on tour in the U.S.
05/04/2006 Daisy Rock artist Dawn Cook from Manifest Frequency appearing at The Music Room this Saturday in Rome, GA (5/6/06)
05/02/2006 Daisy Rock artist Bridget Mermikides hosts the "Girls Allowed! Level 1/2" Weekend Guitar Workshop (6/3/06-6/4/06)
05/02/2006 Daisy Rock artist Monét scheduled to perform this weekend at Santa Monica Pier (5/6/06)
04/24/2006 Watch footage of Daisy Rock artists Constantine at the nineteenth Tiscali Showcase!
04/24/2006 Daisy Rock artists the Pixie Chicks on tour in Melbourne, Australia
04/14/2006 Daisy Rock artists Auburn Court performing at Mel Booker Music (4/23/06)
04/14/2006 Daisy Rock artist Monét stops by the Daisy Rock offices ~ Here\'s a picture of Regina, Ron, Monét, Karissa and Jeff at the office...
04/14/2006 Daisy Rock artist Monét performing at the 8th Annual Radio Disney Easter Eggs-plosion on Saturday, April 15th!
04/13/2006 Daisy Rock artists Nu Family launch their brand new web site!
04/13/2006 Take a look at these great pictures of Daisy Rock artist Dawn from Manifest Frequency performing at this year's SXSW!
04/13/2006 Nu Family performs in New York City ~ Pictures from their March 2006 Performance
04/13/2006 Daisy Rock artists Manifest Frequency scheduled to perform at My Sister's Room tomorrow night in Decatur, GA
04/12/2006 Daisy Rock artist Jennifer Corday performing throughout Southern California
04/12/2006 Daisy Rock artist Maizee meets the legendary Heart! ~ Take a look at this great picture of them together along with Maizee\'s signed Daisy Rock Power Pink Rock Candy Guitar...
04/07/2006 Watch video of Daisy Rock artist Maizee performing at the "Magical Night of Entertainment with Radio Disney!" ~ Just Click on the "media" link...
04/05/2006 Daisy Rock sponsors the 2nd Annual Momapalooza Detroit, featuring The Mydols - enter to win a Champagne Sparkle Rock Candy Guitar! (5/5/06)
04/05/2006 Daisy Rock sponsors the Orlando Downtown Art & Living Expo - stop by the Mix 105.1 booth and enter to win a White Retro-H Guitar signed by Lisa Loeb! (5/20/06 - 5/21/06)
04/01/2006 Guitar Sallye and Tamah of Nu Family endorse Daisy Rock Guitars!
03/31/2006 Check out this great review of Wanda Jackson's latest CD "I Remember Elvis" in the current issue of VENUS Magazine!
03/31/2006 Daisy Rock artists Constantine and Daisy Rock Guitars featured in the current issue of Play magazine (the official magazine of Sound Control [U.K.])
03/29/2006 Daisy Rock Artist Miley Cyrus has a hit with her new show “Hannah Montana”
03/24/2006 Daisy Rock artist Shoshke-Rayzl is performing at Black Betty in Brooklyn, NY (3/25/06)
03/22/2006 Daisy Rock artists 3 Kisses on San Antonio Living (3/31/06)
03/20/2006 Daisy Rock artists 3 Kisses perform at SXSW! ~ Check out these great pictures from their shows...
03/20/2006 The Randies at NAMM featured in PlayBack Magazine
03/15/2006 Daisy Rock's newest artist Maizee performs at "A Magical Night of Entertainment" (3/26/06)
03/10/2006 Daisy Rock artists The Mydols featured in the current issue of "Freedom Magazine" (Chrysler & Jeep Magazine)