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Discovery Camp's Daisy Rock sponsored essay contest was a huge success!


The facility:
ÊPerry-Mansfield Performing Arts School and Camp

The Program: Discovery Camp (8-11 year-olds - intro to performing and visual arts)

Music/songwriting teacher: Kathy Hussey (in this program since 1999)

Perry-Mansfield Director: June Lindenmeyer

Discovery Camp Director: Rusty DeLucia

The discovery Camp received 30 entries - narrowed it down to five, and then passed those five essays around to other faculty and staff for judging. Katie Rowe\'s essay was chosen unanimously. Here is a copy of the winning essay:


This song called "Daisy Rock" was written by one of the older groups at Discovery Camp:

Daisy Rock

Daisy was eleventeen
When she got her first guitar
It was the pinkest thing she’d ever seen
She knew she’d be a star
Was the first friend she ever had
She rocked all night and day
When she played too loud
Her folks got mad
But she jammed on anyway

Rock on Daisy
Rock on Daisy
Rock on Daisy, rock!

Some chicks she knew
Came and heard her play
And thought it was really cool
They started showing up every day
To practice after school

The crowds went wild
Everywhere they played
Til one day the band fell apart
But Daisy knew she’d always stay
True to the dream in her heart


Pink guitar
Going far
strumming, shredding
still a star


(tag) Rock on Daisy, rock!