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Prices could vary depending on model and location. For pricing information check out the "Buy 3 Ways" section of the page of the guitar that you like or visit a Daisy Rock dealer near you.

A Teenager might be more interested in the Rebel Rockit series, Rock Candy series, Stardust Elite series,Stardust Retro-H series, Wildwood Artist Acoustic/electric or the all new Siren as they are full scale guitars. The Pixie acoustic is also full scale and great for teens and adults. Check out our Guitar finder on the products page to help you make the appropriate choice.

The Daisy, Butterfly, Star and Heartbreaker short-scale guitars are the most obvious choice for young children. The Wildwood acoustic is also short-scale and appropriate for children. Check out our Guitar finder on the products page to help you make the appropriate choice.

The main difference between the Wildwood Acoustic and the Pixie Acoustic is that the Wildwood Acoustic is scaled at 22 ¾, while the Pixie Acoustic is a bit larger, scaled at 25 ¼. The Pixie Acoustic comes with a composite oval back, while the Wildwood has mahogany back and sides. Both come in a variety of finishes to fit your personal style.

We do not sell the autographed guitars. These guitars are typically used in auctions and raffles that benefit charities such as the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

We do not have a custom shop. However, with so many unique guitars in stock and more coming every year, we’re sure that you’ll find the perfect guitar for you.

Daisy Rock is global! Check out the “ find a dealer” page, search by country (if yours isn’t on the list select the country that is closest to you) and exercise your right to ROCK by ordering your guitar today. Each location will be able to provide you with retail cost in the appropriate rates for your area.

Go to our warranty page for detailed information.

No, we have discontinued including cases with guitars (Starter Packs still include listed gig bags). Hard shell cases are sold separately and are available for all 6-string electric guitars in the Stardust Elite Guitar Series, Stardust Retro-H and Rock Candy series. Hard shell cases for basses are sold separately for the Rock Candy and Stardust Series. Electric Guitar gig bags are sold separately and fit all of the guitars in the Rock Candy, Stardust Elite, Stardust Retro-H, Rebel Rockit and Siren Series. Pink Label guitars come with a hard shell case. No other cases or bags are available separately. We do not sell padded gigs bags for the Rock Candy Basses, and we do not sell hard shell cases for any of the acoustics at this time. No other series come with a bag or case.

The Adult T’s, Tanks and Hoodies are sized just like any other clothing. The baby T’s are in standard toddler sizes 4T (under 40 lbs) and 6T (over 40 lbs) and the pink tanks are two sizes based on the size of the wearer (over 80 lbs, or under 80 lbs).

Each Pixie acoustic (in Powder Pink, Purple Pixie, and Sky Blue) comes with two pages of reusable decals for the guitar. They can be used several times so you can customize and re-customize your guitar any way you want. Cool, huh?

Of course! If you have the urge to rock, we have an axe for you. Short-scale guitars are best for children ages 6-10, while full-scale Artist, Acoustic, Rock Candy, Siren and Stardust Series models are best for ages 10 and up. Although Daisy Rock guitars are designed especially for girls of all ages many boys and men play them too. You can view our entire line of adult guitars now at www.daisyrock.com/products/.

  • Stardust Elite Rebel :: 7 lbs. 6oz.
  • Stardust Elite :: 7 lbs. 12oz.
  • Stardust Elite Isis :: 7 lbs. 7oz.
  • Stardust Elite Bass :: 7 lbs. 15oz.
  • Stardust Elite Venus :: 7 lbs. 7oz.
  • Stardust Retro-H De-Luxe :: 6 lbs. 8oz.
  • Rebel Rockit Supernova :: 8 lbs. 2oz.
  • Rock Candy Pink Label :: 6 lbs. 0oz.
  • Rock Candy :: 6 lbs. 6oz.
  • Rock Candy Custom :: 7 lbs. 6oz.
  • Rock Candy Custom Special :: 7 lbs. 6oz.
  • Rock Candy Special :: 6 lbs. 0oz.
  • Rock Candy Bass :: 7 lbs. 12oz.
  • Wildwood Acoustic :: 4 lbs. 7oz.
  • Wildwood Acoustic/electric :: 4 lbs. 7oz.
  • Wildwood Acoustic/electric Deluxe :: 4 lbs. 7oz.4lbs. 12oz.
  • Pixie Acoustic :: 4 lbs. 8oz.
  • Pixie Acoustic/electric :: 4 lbs. 7oz.4 lbs. 11oz.
  • Siren :: 4 lbs. 7oz.5 lbs. 13oz.

We currently have most guitars available for left-handed players. They cost approximately $20.00 more than a right-handed model. The following is a list of left-handed guitars and the colors we are currently producing:


  • Stardust Elite Classic :: Violet Burst (14-6312L)
  • Stardust Elite Venus :: Vintage Ivory Pearl (14-6320L)
  • Rock Candy Classic :: Atomic Pink (14-6751L)
  • Rock Candy Classic :: Diamond Sparkle (14-6757L)
  • Rock Candy Special :: Honey Velvet (14-6762L)
  • Daisy Rock Siren :: Vivacious Violet (14-6741L)
  • Debutante Rock Candy :: Atomic Pink (14-7751L)
  • Debutante Rock Candy Petite :: Atomic Pink (14-7351L)
  • Debutante Butterfly Short Scale Guitar :: Fantasy (14-7030L)
  • Debutante Heartbreaker Short Scale Guitar :: Red Hot Red (14-7100L)
  • Debutante Star Short Scale Guitar :: Atomic Pink (14-7150L)
  • Debutante Daisy Short Scale Guitar :: Pepper Mint (14-7000L)


  • Wildwood Acoustic Short Scale :: Pink Burst (14-6260L)
  • Wildwood Artist Acoustic/electric :: Pink Burst (14-6270L)
  • Wildwood Artist Deluxe Acoustic/electric :: Sunset Burst (14-6276L)
  • Pixie Acoustic :: Pink Sparkle (14-6205L)
  • Pixie Acoustic Starter Pack :: Powder Pink (14-6212L)
  • Pixie Acoustic Starter Pack :: Pink Sparkle (14-6218L)
  • Pixie Acoustic/electric :: Plum Purple Burst (14-6222L)
  • Pixie Acoustic :: Powder Pink (14-6200L)
  • Debutante By Daisy Rock Junior Miss Acoustic :: Bubble Gum Pink (14-7400L)


  • Rock Candy Bass :: Atomic Pink (14-6771L)
  • Stardust Elite Bass :: Violet Burst (14-6330L)

Our guitars have a slim neck profile that makes them easier and more comfortable to play for girls with smaller hands.

Go to Dealer Locator to find a dealer near you. For a list of some of our online retailers, go to our Online Dealers page.


  • Pink Label:Candy Apple Pink
  • Bangles Signature Model: Metallic Black
  • Siren: Vivacious Violet, Black Ice, Atomic Pink, Black Sparkle
  • Rebel Rockit Supernova: Astral Blue New!, Black Cherry Burst New!
  • Stardust Elite Isis: White Ice
  • Stardust Elite Venus: Vintage Ivory Pearl
  • Stardust Elite Rebel: Sheena Pink, Green Daze NEW!
  • Stardust Elite Classic: Midnight Purple Burst, Violet Burst, Blue Cheer, Red Rocker
  • Stardust Retro-H De-Luxe: Ruby Sparkle, Sea Foam Green, White Lightning New!
  • Rock Candy Special: Honey Velvet, Purple Velvet, Emerald Velvet New!
  • Rock Candy Custom Special: Dark Star, Red Star
  • Rock Candy Custom: Dark Star, Red Star
  • Rock Candy Classic: Atomic Pink, Diamond Sparkle, Rainbow Sparkle, White Lightning


  • Rock Candy Custom Bass: Dark Star
  • Rock Candy Bass: Diamond Sparkle, Atomic Pink, White Lightning New!
  • Stardust Elite Bass: Violet Burst, Midnight Purple Burst


  • Butterfly: Jumbo Acoustic/Electric: Bubinga Butterfly, Zebra Butterfly, Spalted Maple New!
  • Wildwood Acoustic: Bleach Blonde, Pink Burst, Purple Daze, Rainbow Sparkle, Atomic Pink
  • Wildwood Artist Acoustic/Electric: Pink Burst, Rainbow Sparkle, Bleach Blonde
  • Wildwood Artist Deluxe Acoustic/Electric: Atomic Pink, Royal Purple Burst, Sunset Burst New!
  • Pixie Acoustic: Pink Sparkle, Pixie Purple, Powder Pink, Sky Blue, Silver Sparkle, Blue Sparkle
  • Pixie Acoustic Guitar Starter Set: Pixie Purple, Powder Pink New!, Sky Blue, Pink Sparkle New!, Blue Sparkle, Silver Sparkle
  • Pixie Acoustic/Electric Guitar: Blueberry Burst, Plum Purple Burst, Raspberry Burst, Pink Sparkle

Please contact our sales department at 877-MY-DAISY for details on becoming a Daisy Rock dealer.

Please send a press pack to our Artist Relations department at:

Daisy Rock Guitars
Attn: Artist Relations
P.O. Box 10003
Van Nuys, CA 91410-0003

For starters, our guitars have slim neck profile. This makes for easier playing for people with smaller hands. Our guitars are also lightweight so they won't overpower you if you have a small build. Another really great feature of our guitars is the contour in the body design. The guitars are extremely comfortable and lie perfectly across your body. Not to mention that they sound and look great on stage! Overall, Daisy Rock guitars are designed specifically for girls and are a perfect fit for female guitarists.

Daisy Rock Guitars is our line of full-scale electric guitars, acoustic guitars, and bass guitars designed for the girl who demands the very best in quality, feel, and sound. Many guitars in the flagship Daisy Rock line include top of the line components, including Duncan Designed or EMG pickups, Grover tuners, TonePros bridges, and D’Addario strings. (Other partners include Bigsby and Fishman.) The necks on Daisy Rock guitars and basses are slimmer and narrower so girls can easily get their hands around the neck and easily play all up and down the fretboard. And all our guitars and basses are constructed from lightweight materials so they won’t break your back during those long sets!

Debutante by Daisy Rock is our line of beginner electric guitars and acoustic guitars designed for young girls who are just learning to play. All Debutante guitars feature a thin, slim neck design, and are constructed from lightweight materials like their “older sisters” in the Daisy Rock line, but the Debutante line is created with the beginner in mind. Many models are “short-scale” guitars, which means they fit younger girls better (think ages 6-12). Debutante guitars are built to last, and they’re at a price point that parents can afford. Debutante guitars are THE perfect beginner girl guitars!